Sailor's Mouth Yoga teaches students to let loose through cursing

FLINT (WJRT) (2/13/2019) - A new kind of yoga is in Flint, and it isn't for all ages.

Everyone has their favorite way to workout and relieve stress. At Sailor's Mouth Yoga, they're teaching people that sometimes you just have to say, "Fudge it."

"It's not for everyone, but you can swear and have a good time and laugh and just have a good time and be ridiculous," said instructor and self-proclaimed potty mouth Aime Burke.

She said while it may not be everyone's cup of tea, this type of yoga allows people to relieve stress and anger.

"You are relaxing yourself, getting those curse words out. You're not supposed to say those words, but you're doing it and you're getting out and it feels good," Burke said. "Your brain is finally relaxed on top of the fact that you are stretching your body out, you're working your body, you're working your mind too. It's also a comedy, everybody loves to laugh and this a way to do it."

From teachers to police officers, Burke draws a diverse group to her WTF Wednesdays classes.

"You may have to put on a facade when you go out into the world, but here at Sailor's Mouth Yoga you are free to do whatever you want and be who you are even if it means you're a potty mouth," Burke said.

WTF Wednesdays are held every other week above Cafe Rhema every other week in downtown Flint.

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