Salon 416 in Fenton reopens after flooding caused $60,000 of damage

FENTON (WJRT) (2/25/2019) - A Fenton hair salon is back up and running after a flood on Jan. 30 left it badly damaged.

"It was a disaster, raining down from the ceiling,” said owner Toni Widing. "It really looked bad in here.”

The shop is called Salon 416. Flooding from a burst pipe caused $60,000 worth of damage.

"I was in shock and the first thing I thought: 'Where are they going to work?'” Widing said.

However, salons in the area reached out to her to offer her stylists a place to work during the clean-up process.

"I was just amazed because normally salons are in competition but they weren't," Widing said. "They were calling to help.”

Within just a few weeks, the salon was in great shape with some new things added.

"A lot of clients tell me it's very tranquil in here," Widing said. "They love the relaxation and comfort.”

In Widing’s salon, she has a gadget called roller ball color processor. It’s something clients enjoy. Not only is her goal to make clients happy but workers too.

"There would be probably at least 12 different or more times that we've had education in here," Widing said. "But we also travel too. I like to bring it here too the younger girls who can't afford to travel.”

Salon 416 is accepting new clients. Anyone can call or stop by for a consultation.