Salvation Army opens a cooling center in Owosso

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Owosso (WJRT) (9/26/17) - It looks like we're getting a break from that oppressive heat.
For those who couldn't take it any longer there's been a place for them to go in Owosso.

With the record breaking heat we've been experiencing the past few days a lot of people are having trouble coping with that. They have no air conditioning. But they can find a cool place here at the Salvation Army Citadel in Owosso.

They got the idea Sunday night after two very hot days.

"I put a Facebook message out on social media saying if anybody needs a place to come during the day to stay cool, we're more than glad to have that," said Lt. Jonathon Tamayo of the Owosso Citadel.

In the basement, the temperature was much more comfortable and there was plenty of food and drink.

"Our doors are always open just for people to come and if they're hungry have lunch," said Tamayo.

Owosso schools have been on half day schedules because of the heat wave and some of the students have dropped by to cool off.

"Some of them don't have air conditioning at home where they live but we have air conditioning here and we serve them a meal. And so they were excited and we had about ten high schoolers and middle schoolers come yesterday afternoon," said Tamayo.

Owosso residents were glad there was a place they could escape the heat.

"By the time I get from my house to here, I'm like whew," said Ronnie Williams.

Another man said he's glad the church is open because his tent isn't air conditioned.

"If there's an emergency need we're here to help in anyway possible," said Tamayo.

The citadel also becomes very popular in the winter when colder temperatures hit.

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