Scam alert: Mid-Michigan police warn of scheme involving in-home salesmen

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MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) (10/20/2017) - Police in Clare and Isabella counties are warning of a complex scam happening in rural areas involving a fake in-home salesman.

Authorities have received several reports of a salesman getting access to the interior of people's homes to make a product demonstration. While he diverts the homeowners' attention with the presentation, a partner rummages through barns and sheds to steal items.

A third person who comes inside with the fake salesman invents a reason why he has to step outside for a moment, but then leaves in the vehicle they arrived in. He picks up the thief from outbuildings and drives them off the property.

The third person then returns and picks up the fake salesman and they leave at the same time.

The Clare County Sheriff's Department advises people to be cautious about allowing salesmen into their homes.

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