Scammers claiming to be health department trying to steal personal information

Photo Source: Pixabay / MGN
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MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) (11/1/2019) - Scammers claiming to be calling from county health departments in Michigan are trying to steal personal information from residents, according to state leaders.

Residents in Bay, Jackson, Livingston, Monroe, and Washtenaw counties have reported receiving the calls.

The scammers are spoofing actual health department numbers, so the calls appear legitimate on caller ID. They ask residents for Social Security numbers, account information and passwords.

“Scammers use every tool they have to take advantage of anyone they can,” Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said. “It is important residents remember they should never give personal and confidential information to unsolicited callers. Simply hang up and report the call to our office.”

Authorities say anyone who receives a call asking for personal information should hang up immediately and avoid giving anything over the phone to unsolicited callers.

“Local public health and Medicaid officials will never call you to request account information, Social Security numbers or passwords,” said Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Director Robert Gordon.

Anyone who receives a scam phone call can contact the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division at 1-877-765-8388.