Scammers targeting UAW members on strike, seeking health care information

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FLINT (WJRT) (9/19/2019) - United Auto Workers Local 598 is warning its members about a scam to obtain personal information under the guise of signing up for health care benefits.

Callers have been contacting union members and asking for Social Security numbers, saying the information is necessary to sign them up for health insurance after General Motors froze benefits for striking workers Monday.

UAW officials say the union and GM Benefits Center will never call employees to ask for a Social Security number over the phone.

Union officials also dispelled a myth about what health insurance members should be signing up for this week.

The UAW strike fund is partially paying for a COBRA plan to provide health insurance during the strike. That offers continued benefits similar to workers' GM insurance and workers don't have to sign up.

However, a ficticious post circulating on Facebook says members should skip COBRA and look into the Genesee Health Plan instead.

Officials with the Genesee Health Plan said the agency is not suggesting anyone forgo COBRA benefits to get coverage from them.