Grand Blanc Township scoliosis doctor appears on TLC's 'Sister Wives' show

GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (3/8/2018) - Not many practices are able to dedicate themselves to treatment of one disease, but a Grand Blanc doctor is able to do that along with only a few in the country.

Dr. Mark Morningstar treats a patient at the ScoliSmart Center in Grand Blanc Township.

"As a parent myself, one of the worst things is the feeling of helplessness when you're watching your child visibly get worse," said Dr. Mark Morningstar.

For thousands of people with scoliosis, that's exactly what happens. The condition only continues to worsen unless something is done.

"We run kind of an intensive short term scoliosis program, we call, scoliosis boot camp," Morningstar said.. "The idea is it allows people who are from distances away to come and learn a therapy in a short period of time that they can then take home and keep performing on an ongoing basis."

People are traveling all across the world to visit Morningstar and the ScoliSmart Center. That includes people from the TLC show "Sister Wives," who filmed an episode in his Grand Blanc Township office.

"They chose Michigan out of the four locations and it was quite an experience having them for sure," Morningstar said. "It's different when you're trying to treat someone and you have a television crew following you around, but it was a cool experience."

An experience also neat for many patients who are at the point when surgery may be their only option.

"Ideally, the perfect candidates for what we do have curves that are kind of in a watch and wait period. It gives them an alternative," Morningstar said. "It gives people hope who maybe previously didn't have hope.

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