Search expands after human remains found in Broome Park on Flint's south side

Police search Broome Park in Flint after human remains were found there on Tuesday.
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FLINT (WJRT) (11/08/2017) - Authorities haven enlisted more help in searching Broome Park on Flint's south side after human remains were found there Tuesday afternoon.

The Michigan State Police, Flint Police Department and FBI were still searching the park Tuesday for evidence and expanded the search across the street to Southwestern Academy. The search included K-9 teams.

A man walking his dog on Tuesday morning first came across the remains, but he had an appointment to make so he couldn't direct police to the area. An MTA bus driver also found the remains about two hours later around 12:30 p.m.

Police could not identify any characteristics of the remains, including gender or skin color. They also could not say for sure whether the remains were of one person or multiple people.

“The nature of what was discovered is going to require a forensic analysis in order to make any sort of determination as to a positive identity, any specifics about the remains or anything like that,” said Flint Police Deputy Chief Devon Bernritter.

A forensic analyst was studying the remains to help determine a gender, race and identity.

Broome Park was closed while police conducted their search. Classes were continuing as scheduled at Southwestern Academy across 12th Street from the park.

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