2-year-old missing for 2 hours found safe in Genesee Township

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GENESEE TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (11/08/2017) - A massive search after a 2 year old and his dog wander away from a home in Genesee County. It happened early Wednesday afternoon at the child's grandparent's house in Genesee Township.
Two-year-old Noah Redmond was playing behind his grandfather's garage with his dog Coco. Soon, he disappeared.

"I was in my garage working and I heard somebody hollering outside. So I came out to see what was going on. It was our neighbor looking for his grandson, two year old and their dog," said Connie Hoover, a neighbor.

Genesee Township Police where called and several officers sped to the scene on East Coldwater Road east of Center Road.

"You can't let little children out of your sight, not even for a couple of minutes because they wander fast, you know," said John Mullaly, Genesee Township Police Chief.

Officers from other departments arrived, as did fire fighters, to search the area.

"You only think about what could happen. They're doing to fall down. There's a lot of water in this area. There are ponds all across the way here," said Mullaly.

Three police K9s searched the yards and fields. A State Police helicopter flew over the scene, then began to circle about 300 yards away from where he was last seen.

Then Flint Police Officer John Boismier with his dog Edo stepped out by the edge of Coldwater Road. On Boismeir's shoulder's sat Noah. The little boy appeared to be unharmed. Coco the dog was located too. Noah was reunited with his parents and then taken to a waiting ambulance.

"We don't know what happened the last two hours so it'll be the best thing to do, have him checked out. Then we'll go from there," said Mullaly.

The K9 Edo was promised a steak dinner by his handler, Officer Boismeir.

This is not the first time Noah has wandered away. Chief Mullaly says Michigan Child Protective Services will be asked to investigate.

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