Second-grader's honey raises $550 for new books at Myers Elementary

Published: Oct. 3, 2019 at 6:34 PM EDT
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(10/3/2019) - What started as a passion turned into a money maker for Myers Elementary second-grader Mackenzie Ball.

"My Uncle Jim is a beekeeper and when I was 3, I started getting interested in watching him do it," she said. "When I was 4, I got a bee suit; and, I get a new bee suit every year. And then on my 7th birthday, I got the bee hive."

Mackenzie spent her summer busy as a bee, extracting honey from her new hive.

"It tastes like sugar and syrup," she told us.

Of course, the young beekeeper's favorite part is tasting her hard work. But, she ended up harvesting 80 pounds of the delicious reward to sell, too.

"I decided to sell the honey I got for $5 each. My family bought so much that I raised so much money," Mackenzie explained.

$550 to be exact.

So what did she do with that money?

Mackenzie explained, "I'm thinking I don't want to do something for myself. I'd rather do something for the others."

Exactly what she's been taught at Myers Elementary through the Positivity Project, which reminds students "Other People Matter."

"I think she's just very, a very special girl," Librarian Trisha Robinson said.

She just learned she'll be the one accepting the donation. She and Mackenzie believe they'll be able to buy about 100 more books for the library.

"She's interested in getting books on bees and beekeeping and reptiles because she likes snakes," Robinson said. "And, she suggested some chapter books for the older kids so they're not left out. So she's thinking about everybody all the time."

Robinson said she'll put a bee sticker on the spine of each book they purchase, in honor of her sweet gift.

Mackenzie will be harvesting more honey next month, just in time for Christmas. If you'd like a bottle, contact Myers Elementary.