Security expert offers tips for keeping safe this holiday season

SAGINAW COUNTY (WJRT) (11/14/18) - Crowded malls and parking lots during the holiday shopping rush can be prime targets for thieves.

It's very easy to become distracted during the holidays and sometimes safety takes a back seat. Henry Reyna, owner of Secure Solutions, said putting phones down can help people maintain situational awareness.

"Map everything out and then don't be distracted by these devices," he said. "As soon as you can, get this phone put away out of your hand so you can be free to engage somebody if you need to."

Reyna provides self defense classes for those looking to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations. He said paying attention to surroundings is an important step in avoiding trouble.

Another tip, put packages in the trunk or cover them up so vehicles don't become easy targets for thieves.

He also said people should walk with confidence.

"A lot of women tell me that they won't look at someone in the parking lot, I say no, no, no, you need to look at people, you need to engage them, look them in the eye and of course, ask, yourself, do they look suspicious?" Reyna said.

He said getting a good look at everyone around can help someone spot suspicious behavior and provide a good description for police if something bad happens.

"We need to be the eyes and ears for our police departments, so if we see something suspicious we need to make that call and report that," Reyna said. "So look at people and if it doesn't feel safe, let somebody know."

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