Security expert says there are signs to look for before a mass shooting

FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - More details are now surfacing about the troubled past of the suspected gun man arrested for yesterday's deadly shooting at a Florida high school.

There were dozens of signs that indicated 19 year old Nikolas Cruz could have been thinking about acting out in violence.

"Who in their right mind creates an act of violence in our society that is horrific like this? Nobody," says Secure Solutions owner, Henry Reyna.

But not even 50 days into 2018 and already the Gun Violence Archive is reporting 30 mass shootings.

"It's so tragic but not unexpected," he says. "The real tragedy here is all these situations that we see erupting around our world are preventable."

According to security expert, Henry Reyna, there are signs that indicate someone is capable of this kind of violence.

In the case of 19 year old Nikolas Cruz, there were dozens of signs. Posts on social media and even already acts of violence in school which led to his expulsion.

Fellow students recall Cruz posting photos on Instagram about killing animals and other violent acts.

"We've heard on a couple of interviews, everyone had a sense that this person was capable of something right," asks Reyna. "What was that, intuition. Was it right? Absolutely it was right."

Reyna says when those feeling arise, its important to speak up.

"Within 100th of second, you knew if I was the real deal or not, right," Reyna asks ABC12 employees. "We cannot refuse that information that our brain has given us. If something doesn't make sense we need to share it."

Henry says, that's the first step in responding to an act of violence. Being observant, being oriented and then deciding when to act.