See what makes Kent Crawford the luckiest man in Gladwin County

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GLADWIN COUNTY (WJRT) (2/7/2018) - After winning the lottery twice, Kent Crawford admits he's the luckiest man in Gladwin County.

Crawford, 40, picked up a ticket for The Jack Club Keno game while he was bowling at Meadow Lanes in Gladwin on Monday. Before he was done, he was almost $70,000 richer.

“I had been playing a 10-spot and winning a few bucks here and there while I was bowling,” Crawford said. “I noticed the Jack was getting up there, so I decided to add that to my next ticket."

He kept bowling and noticed the Jack had reset to $10,000, so he checked his ticket at the terminal.

“When the terminal printed a slip showing it was the winner, I couldn’t believe it,” Crawford said.

That makes the second big Michigan Lottery win for Crawford.

Two years ago, he went into a gas station and the clerk offered him a Fantasy 5 ticket that had printed by mistake. He bought it and won $100,000.

Crawford visited Lottery headquarters Wednesday to claim his latest big prize. He plans to take his family on a vacation and then save the remainder.

“We always joked after I won the first time about what we’d do when I won again, but I never thought it would happen," Crawford said. "It’s unbelievable."

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