See when flooded Mid-Michigan rivers and streams will crest

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MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) (2/21/2018) - More than two days of heavy rain with melting snow on top of frozen ground has left many Mid-Michigan rivers and streams spilling over their banks.

The National Weather Service is expecting minor to moderate flooding on several waterways around the region as they crest Wednesday through Friday.

-- Flint River in Flint: The level rose to 14.57 feet Wednesday morning and was expected to crest a little higher at 14.9 feet Wednesday afternoon. The level is near the top of the minor flood stage, well below the record of 20.3 feet.

-- Tittabawassee River in Midland: The river reached minor flood stage at 24.4 feet on Wednesday. It was expected to continue rising through the day Wednesday before hitting an expected crest of 26.5 feet late Thursday. That is well below the crest of 32.17 feet during 2017's floods.

-- Saginaw River in Saginaw: The level in downtown Saginaw reached flood stage Wednesday, as it rose to 16.73 feet. The river is expected to continue climbing for a couple days before reaching the moderate flood stage and cresting at 20.5 feet on Friday. The record is 24.9 feet set in 1904.

-- Swartz Creek in Flint: Crested Monday morning at a record of 11.46 feet, which beat the previous record of 10.53 feet set in April 2017. Flooding was moderate in the area.

-- Thread Creek in Burton: The level rose to 7.05 feet Wednesday morning and was still rising through the minor flood stage. The National Weather Service has not forecast when or how high it will crest. The record level is 7.82 feet set in 1985.

-- Kearsley Creek in Davison: The level rose to 11.24 feet Wednesday into the moderate flood stage. It was expected to crest Wednesday afternoon near 11.3 feet. The record level is 11.85 feet set in 1985.

-- Shiawassee River in Owosso: The level reached 9.1 feet Wednesday morning and was expected to crest later in the day at 9.3 feet in the moderate flooding category. The record there is 10.35 feet set in 1935.

-- Cass River in Vassar: The level reached 12.25 feet Wednesday and was still climbing toward an expected crest at 14.1 feet on Thursday. The river reached the minor flood stage, but should remain well behind the record crest of 24.82 feet set in 1986.

-- Cass River in Frankenmuth: The level hit 18.54 feet Wednesday and was climbing rapidly toward a crest of 20.7 feet late Thursday. Flooding was expected to reach the moderate stage, but stay well below the record of 27.5 feet set in 1986.

-- Chippewa River in Mount Pleasant: The river rose to 8.78 feet on Wednesday and was expected to crest in the afternoon around 8.8 feet in the minor flood stage. The river reached 14.77 feet during the 2017 floods.

Numerous roadways all over Mid-Michigan were closed Wednesday due to high water. Several vehicles were stranded in floodwaters inundating roads.

Clare County declared a state of emergency Tuesday evening, as floodwaters had closed numerous roads and were threatening dozens of structures.

The Central Michigan District Health Department reports that residents with wells should be concerned if the well head or pump was submerged in water.

The health department encourages owners to have their well tested if submersion occurred. Visit or call 989-539-6731 for information.

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