See where Flint's 65.1 inches of snow this winter ranks all time

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MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) (2/12/2018) - With several weeks of winter to go, Flint is on pace to break the record for the snowiest winter season since records were kept in 1921.

So far this season, 65.1 inches of snow has fallen at Bishop International Airport -- the official record-keeping location for Flint. Already, this winter ranks as the 12th snowiest on record.

That amount is twice the snowfall total Flint has amassed by mid-February and double what fell by Feb. 12 last year.

The seasonal snowfall record is 83.9 inches set back in 2013-2014. So Flint only needs 18.9 inches of snow to surpass the record -- and the average date when the city gets its last 1-inch snowfall of the season is March 26.


While Flintstones have been busy shoveling snow all winter, their neighbors to the north in Saginaw and the Tri Cities have gotten off much easier.

At 31.1 inches for the year measured at MBS International Airport, snowfall is less than half what Flint has received but a bit more than average for mid-February.

One-fourth of that amount fell over the past seven days. The area had been well below average on snowfall until a week ago.

By Feb. 12, Saginaw and the Tri Cities average 28.6 inches of snow. Last winter, 29.6 inches had fallen by that date.


-- February already ranks as the fifth snowiest February on record only 12 days in with a whopping 21.2 inches. That is also good enough for the 19th snowiest of any month on record.

More than 14 inches of that has fallen in the past seven days.

The snowiest month on record in Flint was 35.3 inches in December 2000. The snowiest February was 31.7 inches in 2011.

-- January was the 10th snowiest on record in Flint with 20.2 inches. Conversely, Saginaw and the Tri Cities had their 20th least snowiest January on record with only 4.4 inches.

-- December was the 5th snowiest on record with 23.3 inches. Saginaw and the Tri Cities did not reach the top 20 snowiest or least snowy Decembers on record.

-- The 10 inches of snow that Flint received on Jan. 29 was the 16th snowiest storm system ever to hit the region.

Will Flint make the record for snowiest winter?

It's certainly possible with six full weeks left of the period when the area receives significant snowfall. Only two more sizable snowfalls equal to last weekend will be enough.

However, no snow is forecast the rest of this week and high temperatures are forecast to reach into the 40s by Wednesday. Long-range trends are showing warmer and drier than average weather to close out winter.

More likely, the area will receive at least 11 more inches of snow and reach the top 5 snowiest winters ever.

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