See where Mid-Michigan's most dangerous intersections are located

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MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) (5/17/2019) - Anyone who drives on Mission Street in Mount Pleasant should pay extra attention: That is the most dangerous roadway in Mid-Michigan.

Michigan Auto Law compiled crash statistics for hundreds of intersections across the state. The numbers show intersections along Mission Street from Pickard Road to Blue Grass Road account for the most crashes on a single stretch in the region.

The intersection of Mission Street and Broomfield Road on Central Michigan University's campus ranks as the most dangerous in Mid-Michigan with 65 crashes causing eight injuries.

Combined, nine intersections along Mission Street saw 211 crashes in 2018.

In Genesee County, 10 intersections saw at least 20 crashes in 2018. The most dangerous in the county is Cesar Chavez Drive and Robert T. Longway Boulevard in Flint with 48 crashes and 28 injuries.

Grand Blanc Township has two of the 10 most dangerous intersections in Genesee County: Hill and Fenton roads, and Dort Highway and Grand Blanc Road.

"The majority are minor, fender benders. However when those accidents do occur, especially high speed crashes, those significantly increase the chance of an injury," said Grand Blanc Township Police Chief Ron Wiles.

He blamed most of the crashes at those intersections on driver error.

"The vast majority of crashes are caused by human error -- not vehicle error or stop light error," Wiles said. "It's the drivers that are making these mistakes and causing crashes."

For Saginaw County, the intersection of Bay and Tittabawassee Roads near Fashion Square Mall in Kochville Township remains the most dangerous with 47 crashes and two injuries.

The M-21 corridor through Corunna and Caledonia Township was the most dangerous in Shiawassee County. See the list below for the most dangerous intersections in Mid-Michigan.

Wiles believes roundabouts are a solution for many intersections -- but not all -- to reduce the severity of crashes.

"Crashes are still going to occur with people trying to drive through there, maybe not knowing how, not having the right information or doing them incorrectly," he said. "But the severity of those crashes decreases in roundabout situations."

Bay County
Euclid Avenue and West North Union Road in Bangor Township: 23 crashes and 13 injuries.
Wilder Road and Henry Street in Bangor Township: 28 crashes and five injuries.
Center Avenue and North Trumbull Street in Bay City: 17 crashes and 11 injuries.
Wilder Road and North Euclid Avenue in Bangor Township: 21 crashes and four injuries.
Center and Madison avenues in Bay City: 17 crashes and seven injuries.

Genesee County
Cesar Chavez Drive and Robert T. Longway Boulevard in Flint: 48 crashes and 28 injuries.
I-75 and Miller Road in Flint Township: 41 crashes and nine injuries.
Bristol Road and Grand Traverse Avenue in Burton: 36 crashes and eight injuries.
I-75 and Corunna Road in Flint Township: 41 crashes and three injuries.
Hill and Fenton roads in Grand Blanc Township: 29 crashes and 13 injuries.
Dort Highway and Grand Blanc Road in Grand Blanc Township: 27 crashes and 15 injuries.
Bristol and Fenton roads in Burton: 24 crashes and 16 injuries.
Corunna Road and Ballenger Highway in Flint: 33 crashes and eight injuries.
Corunna and Linden roads in Flint Township: 32 crashes and nine injuries.
Linden and Pierson roads in Mt. Morris Township: 30 crashes and eight injuries.

Isabella County
Mission and Broomfield roads in Mount Pleasant: 65 crashes and eight injuries.
Mission and Bluegrass roads in Mount Pleasant: 25 crashes and two injuries.
Mission Road and Pickard Street in Mount Pleasant: 23 crashes and four injuries.
Mission and Preston roads in Mount Pleasant: 24 crashes and two injuries.
Mission Road and Bellows Street in Mount Pleasant: 19 crashes and three injuries.

Lapeer County
Main Street and Demille Boulevard in Lapeer: 34 crashes and 11 injuries.
Main and Genesee streets in Lapeer: 28 crashes and 14 injuries.
Newark and Van Dyke Roads in Imlay City: 15 crashes and four injuries.

Midland County
Buttles and Jerome streets in Midland: 30 crashes and seven injuries.
Eastman Avenue and North Saginaw Road in Midland: 27 crashes and four injuries.
Eastman Avenue and Wackerly Road in Midland: 27 crashes and one injury.

Saginaw County
Bay and Tittabawassee roads in Kochville Township: 47 crashes and two injuries.
I-75 and Birch Run Road in Birch Run: 25 crashes and 24 injuries.
Center Road and State Street in Saginaw Township: 33 crashes and eight injuries.
Hemmeter Road and State Street in Saginaw Township: 23 crashes and 16 injuries.
State Street and Weineke Road in Saginaw Township: 27 crashes and 11 injuries.
Tittabawassee and Midland roads in Saginaw Township: 26 crashes and seven injuries.
Tittabawassee Road and Fortune Boulevard in Kochville Township: 21 crashes and 11 injuries.
Birch Run Road and Dixie Highway in Birch Run Township: 24 crashes and nine injuries.
Gratiot and Center roads in Saginaw Township: 17 crashes and 12 injuries.
Bay and Schust roads in Saginaw Township: 22 crashes and six injuries.

Shiawassee County
M-21 and Shiawassee Street in Corunna: 16 crashes and three injuries.
M-21 and Gould Street in Caledonia Township: 11 crashes and five injuries.
M-21 and Caledonia Avenue in Caledonia Township: 10 crashes and five injuries.

Bay and Tittabawassee roads in Kochville Township is Saginaw County's most dangerous intersection.

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