Seniors complain of cold apartment building in Grand Blanc

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GRAND BLANC (WJRT) (1/2/2018) - Senior citizens have been left shivering in the cold because of unstable heating in their Grand Blanc assisted living facility.

Residents feel intimidated to complain about the lack of heat, believing they may be evicted if they make waves. A friend wanted to get the message out.

"The residents are walking around living there with no heat in the building, using their stoves to try to heat their apartments. They're wearing layered clothing to try to keep warm," said Eunice Anderson.

It's been about a week now since residents at Grand Meadows II Senior Apartments in Grand Blanc started to notice there wasn't much heat in the building. They were told a boiler had gone out and management was making efforts to replace it.

The people who live there are elderly. Many of them use walkers and wheelchairs.

A woman in the front office denied there was a problem with heat in the building. But one man who lives there confirmed he was using the burners on his stove to take the edge off the cold.

Another woman outside the building was glad to see ABC12 News was taking an interest in the story about the lack of heat.

The spokeswoman for the residents sees it as a health emergency.

"It's a horrible thing. Someone needs to know about it. And that corporate office needs to do what is right and get that boiler fixed," said

GLD Management Company, which operates the complex, did not return messages seeking comments about the complaints.

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