Severe thunderstorms create a mess for parts of Mid Michigan

GRAND BLANC (WJRT)- (07/29/19)- A Grand Blanc homeowner got a quite a surprise when he returned home from work Monday evening.

"She says I can't get up the driveway, I'm thinking she is over exaggerating and then I come and see the tree in the driveway," said homeowner, John Tate.

Broken branches and leaves litter John Tate's front yard-- including a tree limb blocking his driveway-- the one his wife described to him.

An unexpected sight to come home to Monday evening.

"We got worse weather a week ago, I think like a week ago and none of this happened. And then we get this rain today and I don't know what came through here,"

"Whatever it was, it skipped the house and went up front, it's crazy how it made a trail," Tate said.

Thunderstorms, some severe-- rolled across much of Mid Michigan Monday afternoon

Causing minor damage in some places and localized flooding in others.
Some areas like at Tate's Grand Blanc home, saw several downed trees.

"It flipped the trampoline, destroyed the gazebo and knocked the trees down and I just spent last week cleaning the trees up front," Tate said.

Thankfully, his home escaped any damage. His favorite pear tree-- not as lucky.

But Tate says he plans to put this newly created woodpile to good use.

"I've got a bunch of wood back here, maybe we'll have a bonfire or something, it's not going to go to waste," Tate said.

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