Severe weather a reminder to check flood insurance coverage

Published: Jun. 3, 2019 at 5:16 PM EDT
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(06/03/19)- Several communities in mid Michigan continue to dry out-- following heavy rainfall recently.

The rain, causing many homes to flood.

"I can only imagine the kind of damage that's going on inside the home," said Al Bourdaeu Insurance, Brandela Day

Whether it's inside their basement, if their basement is finished and they have a lot of content, materials, drywall. Those materials really take in a lot of damage and can cause further damage depending on how long the water is sitting there,"

Brandela Day is with Al Bourdeau Insurance Agency in Burton.

She says just because you have homeowner's insurance doesn't mean you're covered when it comes to flood damage.

"When I started working in insurance, I thought well, it's damage to the home, it's covered and it's not. So that's a huge misconception." Day said.

"Generally with insurance, homeowners insurance policy does not cover flood insurance, water coming into the home from the outside, so customers would need a different policy."

Day said there are options for homeowners to consider.

"There's the national flood insurance program. It's government based and they can go there to get their policy. We also have some of our companies that write policies as well."

Day said the bottom line-- protect yourself before disaster strikes--with the right coverage for your home.

"In Michigan, it's quite important." Day said.

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