Sex trafficking: Flint couple accused of 'stealing childhood' from girl

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FLINT (WJRT) (8/9/2018) - Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell said the 15-year-old was held captive at this home on Flint’s east side, only leaving when she was driven around the county to have sex with people who bought her on a website.

Her accused perpetrators go by the names Murder and Red.

Sheriff Pickell said 49-year-old Corey Nolden was staying with 45-year-old Tayanna Johnson, when he befriended the teenager from from Flint.

"Offers her a place to stay and a protective atmosphere," he explained. "He provides the 15-year-old with crack cocaine multiple times a day."

The Sheriff said Nolden took advantage of her first, having sex with the girl and then taking photos of her naked, which he uploaded onto a well-known prostitution website.

"From that website, dates are obtained for the 15-year-old. She's advertised on the website as Madison, a 19-year-old," Sheriff Pickell said.

He explained the money she's paid, went to buying more cocaine; and, when she wasn't being pimped out, he said Nolden gave the girl a prescription to make her drowsy.

"Making her a prisoner in the home. He can leave, you know, or he can take of some business and she's still there," he said.

But Monday, the Sheriff said the girl was able to steal her phone away from Nolden and call her Mom, who alerted police.

"This is such a serious, serious problem. I mean really what you're doing is stealing the childhood away from a young girl," he said.

The Sheriff explained it'll be a long road to recovery; but, the teen is now in a secured facility getting the help she needs.

"This is just one case of what goes on in our community and it's people like Nolden that take advantage of young girls, teenagers, that are having difficulties at home ... and they're getting involved with somebody to find out the abuse and misuse of them is more than they can deal with," he added.

The Sheriff’s office believes there may have been other victims.

They're continuing their investigation, also working to identify those who paid to have sex with the teenager.

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