Sexual allegations investigations continue across the nation

The Office of Al Franken

FLINT (WJRT) (12/7/2017) - Al Franken announces his resignation Thursday after allegations of sexual harassment.

He says he has done nothing to bring dishonor to the institution he served.

One female attorney tells ABC 12 the trend of accusers losing jobs is alarming - even if it is empowering to the people coming forward.

Attorney at Law Jodi Hemingway says it's astounding to see men and women coming forward and holding their predators accountable.

She says as victims do speak up she wants any accuser to also receive a due process before being considered guilty.

"I don't think every case needs to be handled the exactly the same,” Hemingway said.

Minnesota Senator Al Franken announcing his resignation is the latest in high profile cases.

"We are really shifting the focus has to why abuser or perpetrators do what they do," YWCA Program Director Rachel Johnson.

Hemingway is a criminal defense lawyer in Flint and has been practicing law for eight years.

She has seen a lot of cases in her time since graduating Michigan State University.

"It's a terrible thing for someone to suffer sexual abuse, but it is also terrible for someone to be wrongly accused of it and unfortunately that does happen,” Hemingway said.

Hemingway says as severe as allegations are the accuser deserves a proper investigation.

"Look at these issues on a case by case basis and fully investigate them before the accused people due process and then treat each situation accordingly,” Hemingway said.

Rachel Johnson with the YWCA says as enough people come forward management needs to take a hard stance.

"They are setting a standard of what they want to tolerate in the workplace, and that sets the tone and the culture for anybody going forward,” Johnson said.

YWCA does offer counseling and victim advocacy programs available for victims.

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