Sharp Funeral Home well underway rebuilding Swartz Creek location after fire

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SWARTZ CREEK (WJRT) (11/7/2018) - Nearly six months after a massive fire destroyed most of Sharp Funeral Home in Swartz Creek, the business is well under way rebuilding.

Flames destroyed five rooms on May 16, with only the chapel left standing. Since then, the funeral home has been operating out of its other locations and the nearby Hill Creek Church.

Crews are working to rebuild on the same site as their original location.

They're starting from scratch, so they've shifted the foundation over more from where it sat before. As of this week, the foundation has been laid.

Crews have hit some setbacks. There have been several days of rain in Swartz Creek.

Workers are moving as quickly as possible to get as much done before winter hits and snow starts flying. Roger Sharp Jr. said despite the delays, he's excited to see work moving forward.

"We were all very emotional when the building did burn down," he said. "It took about a month or so before we started working on plans and the excitement started coming through."

Sharp Jr. said insurance will cover the cost of the new building.

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