Sharp family is starting to rebuild Swartz Creek Funeral Home

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SWARTZ CREEK (WJRT) (11/7/2018) - Six months after a fire destroyed a locally and family-run funeral home it's time to rebuild.

Sharp Funeral Home is working to rise from the ashes.

The family is starting from scratch and building a 17,000 sq. ft. facility in downtown Swartz Creek exactly where the old building once stood.

They've made some new additions to help families during their hardest times.

"It definitely looks different. We did keep the flag here. We are a strong supporter of the veterans, and we wanted to keep that symbol here,” Roger Sharp Jr. said.

Old Glory continues to stands tall where the old Sharp Funeral Home Swartz Creek once stood.

In May a fire started inside the funeral business.
Several fire companies across Genesee County weren't able to save the building.

"We were all very emotional when the building did burn down,” Sharp Jr. said.

The co-owner had an attachment to the building.

This is where his family started their business.

So, they're building this new funeral home with four chapels, banquet area for funeral luncheons, and a state of the art care center to take care of the deceased remains.

Sharp Junior says a month after the fire the family knew they would rebuild.

"Because this is where we were all born and breed,” Sharp Jr. said.

Construction crews are working around the clock to make this new place a reality for downtown Swartz Creek.

The weather has slowed them down a bit, but driving by you'll see a foundation down.

The family made changes from their previous building and moved it over slightly from before.

Sharp Jr. says this is going to make room for walkway canopy.

"It's going to be quite a building,” he told ABC 12.

Sharp Jr. says they don't have an exact date when the construction will be done.

He is hoping crews will be done around spring time next year.