Shiawassee 911 dispatcher helps deliver baby girl

SHIAWASSEE (WJRT) - (01/11/2019) - It's a call he will never forget. A Shiawassee County 911 dispatcher helps bring new life into the world within minutes. It happened just days after the New Year.

"Lots of ups and downs throughout your day, you never know what's going to be on the other end of the line when you answer the phone," Trent Burke said.

He received a call on January 3 around 8 p.m. He had no idea it was a grandmother asking for help while her daughter was in labor.

"She called and said that her daughter was in labor and the umbilical cord was already showing and the baby was going to be coming."

Burke said he was nervous, but he had to stick to the script.

"I just asked my questions to ask as far as where she was, got her to lie down, just passed along the instructions," Burke said.

Katelynn Miller was on the bathroom floor. She was trying to listen to Burke's instructions, while her parents were panicking.

"She yelled there's a head and I started freaking out and then my dad came in and he didn't want to deliver it because I'm his kid and then I'm freaking out more because nobody is here to deliver it," Miller said.

Within 10 minutes of chaos and Miller pushing, Kaliana Marie Miller slid out into her grandfather's arms.

"I think it is so unbelievable, when I go in the bathroom, I feel weird," Miller said.

Burke said within this past year, they have helped deliver babies.

"It's an interesting thing, in this field, it doesn't happen a lot, so to be one of the few to help with child birth, good to know you were able to help," Burke said.

Miller said she is planning to set up a meet and greet with Burke.

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