Shiawassee County Health officials monitoring Swine flu situation 'very closely'

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SHIAWASSEE COUNTY (WJRT) (08/13/18) -- It's been just three days since a pig at the Shiawassee County Fair tested positive for Swine flu. And while the fair may be over, the concern for human exposure to the virus is not.

No known human exposures have occurred, but that could change.

Swine Flu, or Influenza A has an incubation period in humans of anywhere between 3 to 10 days. That means, you may have it and not even know it.

"Right now, there is no vaccine for it, and right now we're outside the normal flu season, which makes it a rare occurrence, but typically you're going to see symptoms that are similar to what you would with the normal flu," said Shiawassee County Health Department Director Larry Johnson.

Around 400 pigs were on site at the pig barn during the fair, which ended last week.

Last Thursday night, around 7 of the pigs began showing symptoms of Swine flu. That's when fair officials immediately took those 7 pigs out of the barn and isolated them.

The state veterinarian, then tested them and confirmed last Friday 1 of the pigs tested positive for the virus.

Johnson says the health department is working very closely with fair personnel, attendees and exhibitors who were in close contact with those pigs last week.

"They've all been notified of the occurrence, and then we're doing a follow up notification with them, just to say hey, watch your health this week and for the next 10 days," he said.

The Swine flu is transmitted to humans solely through the respiratory system.

If you begin feeling flu like symptoms and were in close proximity to the pigs at the fair last week, notify your healthcare provider or the health department immediately.

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