Family needs help fixing tornado damage without insurance to complete adoptions

(03/17/19) - Shiawassee County held a meeting to help residents gain access to resources.

For Dan and Bobbiejo Bruff, the tornado ripped off its back walls, siding, and the roof. If Bobbiejo had not received a phone call, it could have also cost her and the children their lives.

"My wife and kids were at home watching TV. She got a phone call from my mother and they had to run to the basement. As they were going to the basement, that's when the windows starting crashing and insulation started blowing around. It actually hit the house before they were in the basement," Dan said.

Prior to the home's destruction, Dan and Bobbiejo battled with insurance companies to purchase homeowners insurance. Dan says there was a prior issue with the garage when he first purchased the home, and he had even attempted to buy insurance without the garage included. The house, originally built in 1898, was wrecked without insurance.

They salvaged food and clothing, but need major help with home repairs.

"Whatever people can help with building, siding, roofing, drywall, electrical work just to get the house livable again so that we can get back into the house," Dan said.

It's not only about material. There's urgency to keep their family together as well.

"We have foster children plus biological children, and we're adopting some of the foster children, and we don't want this to affect the process of the adoption," Dan said.

Dan says this meeting was useful in finding necessary resources to get things back on track. He spoke with animal control today to help bury his two goats lost in the tornado.

For state representative, and Shiawassee Native, Ben Frederick, that's what it's all about. Making things right in this small community.

"Those who have been affected, we want to say that we're with you. We're thinking about you. Whether volunteer, governmental, emergency services, resources, our hearts are with you, and we're going to make sure we can get your life back to normal as quickly as possible," Frederick said.

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