Shoppers beware: Skimmers infiltrating online retailers and stealing information

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MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) (10/30/2019) - Scammers are targeting online shoppers with skimming devices to steal personal financial information -- and shoppers may have no idea it's happening to them.

Hackers are installing malware onto servers of online retailers that allow them to see what shoppers are typing. They can see in real time what people are typing on their screen.

The scam is known as E-skimming.

Doug Witten, the program director of cyber defense and computer science at Baker College, said hackers can get access to information through an online retailer whose server has been compromised.

"It's easy to do its easy to go to one of these places that looks like the right place, but really isn't," he said.

Witten said there is no sure way for consumers to know if they are buying from a retailer whose server has been hacked. But it's less likely for shoppers on sites that have a lock in the address bar.