Shutdown spurs small act of kindness from Michigan cafe owner

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ST. IGNACE (WJRT) - (01/09/19) - A small-business owner in northern Michigan is getting a lot of attention online for his generosity during the partial government shutdown of 2018-2019.

Java Joe's Cafe in Saint Ignace shared an offer on Facebook in the early morning hours of December 27, just after Christmas and just five days after the start of the shutdown.

The post simply reads, "Good evening Saint Ignace. Java Joe just realized the Coast Guard is not being paid during this government shutdown therefore Java Joe’s will give any member of the Coast Guard a free breakfast."

It has since gone viral and at last check, has been shared about 800 times.

In a comment, the owner simply says, "The least I can do."

It has nearly 200 comments and even caught the attention of CNN as they shared acts of gratitude inspired by the ongoing shutdown.

You can read the original post below, along with some others who are thanking Java Joe's for taking care of the Coast Guard stationed along the waters of the Great Lakes.

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