Signs to look for if your child is targeted by a child predator

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GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT) (6/10/2019) - The Genesee County Sheriff's Office arrested close to two dozen people, and each is accused of being child sexual predators.

The sheriff's office says many of those charged were targeting teenagers.

"Trust your gut. If something says this isn't right then something isn't quite right," Restoration Place Founder Amy Rouleau said.

Her mission with Restoration Place is preventing, and the aftercare of children and adults caught in sex trafficking.

Rouleau was given a renewed purpose following the Genesee Human Oppression Strike Team recent arrest of 21 people.

"I wasn't surprised to see the list. I wasn't surprised to see their professions predators are anybody," Rouleau said.

Predators target children of all ages. She says when a teenager starts to pull away from the family -- that's when parents should show concern.

"You know you guys are worthless and I can't stand you. I'm out of here kind of thing. So, in a very quick drawing to somebody else," Rouleau said.

An easy way for a predator to communicate with your child is through their phone.

Rouleau says parents should check them weekly for any new apps. Also, set a curfew when they can use it.

Parents shouldn't solely focus on what their children are doing. Rouleau says parents need to watch out how someone gets involved with their family.

"They will request that you meet and it will be an over and over again request generally they don't take no for an answer, but again they fill that know helping me out just question that doesn't mean people aren't nice, but some people are not," Rouleau said.

Restoration Place has helped a dozen adults involved in sex trafficking this past year. They're working on providing shelter for minors who are victims.