Silver Lake Road study results to be released, changes to come

FENTON (WJRT) (6/28/2018) - The city of Fenton is hoping to cut a few minutes off the travel time on Silver Lake Road between U.S. 23 and the heart of the city.

The intersection of Silver Lake Road and Fenway Drive in Fenton gets backed up at certain times due to a heavy traffic load.

Dan Czarnecki, public works director for the city, said the roadway is a main artery in town. Heavy traffic at certain times of the day can cause delays of five to 10 minutes.

"The peak is the worst. There is a lot of traffic that comes through here at 5:00 and 5:30," Czarnecki said.

The amount of traffic is just too much for some parts of the roadway to handle.

"Fenway and Silver Lake Road has a lot more traffic than the intersection can handle currently," Czarnecki said. "They also found that the ramps, the northbound on and off ramp to U.S. 23 pulls enough traffic that there might be a need for a signal at that intersection as well."

While not all changes will happen right away, the city council plans to use the results from the study to improve the corridor.

"Some of the things they recommend like the signal at Silver Lake and Fenway, the timing to be updated, that's a simple thing to have done," Czarnecki said. "The other recommendations like adding lanes, that takes time and money and construction work.

City council will be reviewing the study results on July 2.

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