Silver Lake Ski Club show in Fenton opens for the summer

The Silver Lake Ski Club in Fenton is starting its new season this week.

FENTON (WJRT) (6/11/2019) - The Silver Lake Ski Club is showing off its moves out on the water.

"We've been practicing, trying to keep up with the weather, it hasn't been that good to us, but we get out there every chance we can get," said co-show director Ryan Bowles.

During the summer, the club has a water show every Tuesday evening. People bring a lawn chair and a blanket to watch the team perform.

"It's very rewarding to look back at the audience and watch people seeing you do a talent they never tried or done before," Bowles said.

Children as young as 7 years old are on the team, including boat drivers who have been driving for decades. Bowles said no matter the age, this is a sport everyone can learn and enjoy.

"That's what we're all about, adding new members to the team and just enjoying our time out on the water with friends and family," he said.

Tuesday morning, the team pulled off a helicopter and a human pyramid.

"It's great to show off what you can do but it's also great to say hey come on down we'll teach you," Bowles said.

He said it may look hard or scary, but it shouldn't stop you from giving it try.

"We ease people into it. It's not scary," Bowles said. "It's a little bit intimidating, but once you get here you will realize everyone is great and wants to hang out on the water with you."

The Silver Lake Ski Club's first tournament of the summer is this weekend in Warsaw, Indiana.