Sloan Museum of Discovery breaks ground at Flint Cultural Center

FLINT (WJRT) - (06/12/19) - The Sloan Museum has been around for over 50 years, but it closed in December to renovate, expand, and re-brand.

Their re-branding will focus on being called the Sloan Museum of Discovery instead of just the Sloan Museum.

"Sloan Museum of Discovery is all about discovering science, discovering history, and discovering you and your life-long learning passion. The new museum will incorporate interactive, immersive, hands-on exhibits in both history and science," Caitie O'Neill said. O'Neill is the Sloan Museum of Discovery Marketing Manager.

Some of the new exhibits will include the Flint History Gallery, Early Childhood Gallery, and Vehicle City Gallery.

"My favorite part is we have this opportunity to tell really inclusive stories about our community. We're working on community engagement. We're still collecting stories, Flint voices, and I'm really excited that we have this opportunity to re-imagine our history exhibits in a way that includes everyone," O'Neill said.

Although the Flint Cultural Center location here will be closed until 2021, you can still head to Courtland Center Mall for its temporary location.

The museum hopes to complete the project late in 2021.

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