Smartphone allows you to keep tabs on your child's school bus

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FLINT (WJRT) - (09/09/16) - How much do you really know about your child's school bus? The latest technology is making it easier than ever before for parents to get educated.

Every bus in the state has what's called a QR or Quick Response code on the door. To read it, download a free QR reader app on your smartphone.

Basic information about that bus will pop up on your screen. It will show whether or not it passed the Michigan State Police school bus inspection.

There's nothing else like it anywhere in the country. All 16,000 black and yellow school buses being kept track of electronically through the state police school bus inspectors.

"I would tell parents the black and yellow bus is the most safest form of transportation to and from school and to school-related events," said Inspector Randy Coplin, of MSP.

In 2011, state budget cuts forced MSP to cut some of their inspectors, leaving it up to the schools to police their own buses for quality control, but a year later, funding put MSP inspectors back in the driver's seat.

A state report that came out this week showed they were understaffed and unable to handle the load, but Coplin says they are continuing to hire more inspectors to keep up.

State police are required to post bus inspections quarterly. Click the link in the 'Related Links' section of this story to access those reports.

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