Smoking ban would extend to beaches, swimming areas under new bills

Pack of Marlboro cigarettes, Photo Date: January 2011 / Cropped Photo: Nikita2706 / Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0 / (MGN)
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LANSING (WJRT) (9/11/2019) - Identical bills introduced in the Michigan House and Senate would ban smoking on all beaches in the state.

Michigan's public smoking ban law would be expanded to include beaches and swimming areas under the list of places where cigarettes, cigars and tobacco pipes are not allowed.

Public pools are exempt, however.

Supporters say the ban would protect air quality for beach-goers and cut down on littering.

If passed Michigan would join only a handful of states to have a smoking ban. Over the summer, the village of Elk Rapids on Grand Traverse Bay banned smoking on its public beaches, parks and trails.

House Bill 4936 was referred to the Committee on Regulatory Reform while Senate Bill 497 was referred to the Committee on Health Policy and Human Services.