Snapper's on the Water near Fenton offering free meals to community

Kirk Norman and his helpers prepare meals to give away at Snapper's on the Water near Fenton.
Kirk Norman and his helpers prepare meals to give away at Snapper's on the Water near Fenton.(WJRT)
Published: May. 6, 2020 at 7:05 PM EDT
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(5/6/2020) - A Fenton-area bar owner is putting food on the table for no charge with no questions asked.

Kirk Norman, who owns Snapper's on the Water, is making sure families who are struggling don't go hungry during the pandemic. He plans to continue as long as there's a need.

Between 2 and 7 p.m. on seven days a week, orange cones line the parking lot of Snapper's on Bennett Lake Road.

"People basically pull in, say how many dinners they would like to have. We go inside and get the dinners in to go boxes and set them on a table, people come out of their car, get their dinner and take it with them," Norman said.

He has been providing the free meals every day since March 23.

"There's frontline workers out there who are doing a lot more than we're doing," Norman said. "We just wanted to show the love and that we care for people too -- and basically to show support and help people in a hard time."

Snapper's has been serving 30 to 60 meals a day on average, which means there is a lot of preparation. Three others help Norman get the big job done.

"We've done all types of things: grilled chicken, spaghetti, ghoulash, tacos, meatloaf," Norman said. "We try to change it up. We don't want the same thing every day."

The only thing Norman asks is that people don't take advantage of the free meals, because that takes away from someone else who really may be struggling during this difficult time.

"I've gotten a few cards from people who've come here every day," he said. "The thank yous, the God bless yous, it makes you feel good. It's well worth it."