Snow and typical cold weather absent this winter

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GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT) - (1/11/19) - Here it is, the second week of January and many parts of mid-Michigan are without snow.

So, what's going on?

Remember November?

We picked up nearly a foot of snow for the month in Flint & Saginaw, along with significantly colder weather.

Ever since then, we've been in a much milder pattern that could continue at least another week.

Canadian geese seemed to enjoy a mix of thin ice and open water on Mott Lake in Flint, the result of warmer than normal weather and very little snow since the beginning of December.

Even with a dip in temperatures to end this week, wasn't keeping a few hearty souls from admiring our warmer winter so far.

"I ride a bike. You know, I come out here in 40 degree weather and I love it. I love this kind of weather. That's why I'm out here," said Ernie Perez, a Flint resident.

The lack of snow has put a damper on typical winter outdoor activities like ice fishing.

The jet stream has been in a pattern that has brought up milder air for the eastern half of the country.

That mild air has caused any snow for the southern parts of mid-Michigan to melt back into the ground.

In fact, you need to go as far north as Houghton Lake to see just a few inches of snow.

At least the weather has been cold enough to maintain business at local ski resorts.

"It's nice that the ski areas are able to make snow and they have a large enough base, so even though it has been somewhat warm this winter, they still have some ski-able snow," said Grand Blanc resident Bill Burke.

Since December 1st, both Flint and Saginaw are running nearly a foot of snow below normal.

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