Snow blankets parts of Mid-Michigan

Published: Nov. 7, 2019 at 7:14 PM EST
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(11/7/19) - Winter has arrived! At least for parts of mid-Michigan.

Snow started falling Wednesday night and by Thursday morning, some communities across the Great Lakes Bay Region were looking at 6" of the white stuff!

It was a light, fluffy snow that caught many off-guard, causing accidents on slick roads and residents out to their local store to pick up winter items like salt and shovels.

Onilee Bone from Harrison drove in to the Mount Pleasant Home Depot to pick up rock salt, "I was like, where's fall? Where's the leaves? And I got up this morning and the leaves are all on top of the snow. And it was, yeah, pretty strange."

The narrow band of snow also clung to tree branches, still dropping leaves, painting an almost Norman Rockwell like scene.

That also presented a problem for homeowners still doing fall yard work.

"I shoveled first to get them off, and the leaves didn't come off, so I got my blower out and they came off fine.With a blower, it works. But, we had a lot of snow," said Bob Lyon from Mount Pleasant.

Much of the snow melted, especially on roads and sidewalks, by Thursday evening.

But with colder temperatures, there's still some snow left on the grass and some tree branches.

Some businesses were well prepared for the accumulating snow, despite it's early arrival.

"Well, immediately, as we opened the doors, that was one of the first things going out through the registers was salt actually. It's one of the things that come first as far as demand is concerned, said Justin Radtke, an assistant manager for the Mount Pleasant Home Depot.

Others had to scramble to combat Mother Nature.

One Mount Pleasant had to send all its employees out to clear more than a hundred and fifty vehicles on their lot this morning after the snow stopped.

"The good thing is we have 5 or 6 people here. You know, we all go out there, band together, and get it cleaned off. So, the nice thing is, it was a light, powdery snow. It wasn't all wet & heavy.and it came off ok," said Dick Cook from My Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Mount Pleasant.

Slick spots on surface streets could still be an issue for parts of the Great Lakes Bay Region as temperatures drop, so please be careful.

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