Snow day forgiveness legislation moving forward

GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT)- (03/13/19)-The harsh winter months have taken a toll on the school year for many districts.

A number of them have not only used up their allotted snow days, but gone over in some cases.

But there has been a recent push to change the law when it comes to snow days to help those districts.

Two mid Michigan lawmakers have been working on legislation that would forgive snow days that occur during a state of emergency like we had this winter, so districts won't be forced to make up those days in the summer

"Yes, we have good momentum on that. We actually saw that legislation pass the house education committee this week. It's on it's way to the ways and means committee, hopefully seeing testimony on that next week," said State Rep. Ben Frederick.

State law forgives K through 12 districts from making up six days that have been canceled for emergencies, and schools can get a waiver for three additional days.

Some legislators from both parties say the weather this winter has been so extreme that the law should be changed.

"The bill as written would effect this school year, it's very specific to that. One of my goals in introducing the legislation is to account for the extraordinary weather conditions that we had this year. It does effect this year." Frederick said.

Some districts have already decided how they are going to make up the days, others are waiting to see what happens with this legislation.

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