Snow days force Davison Community Schools to cancel a day off

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DAVISON (WJRT) (3/5/2018) - A day off for Davison Community Schools students later this month has been canceled due to an excessive amount of snow days this winter.

Students were scheduled to have March 29 so teachers could have a work day. That has been changed to a half day for students in the morning and teacher work day in the afternoon.

Superintendent Eric Lieske announced the change in a letter to the district on Monday.

The Michigan Department of Education allows local districts six days off for weather or emergencies. Davison schools used seven so far this winter.

The state requires schools to hold classes for a certain amount of time on certain number of days, so simply elongating the school day for the remainder of the year to make up a day's time was not an option, Lieske said.

He is hopeful the district can get through the remainder of winter without any more snow days, but if there is one the calendar would have to be amended again.

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