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GENESEE COUNTY, Michigan (WJRT) - (03/01/2018) - The snow was just enough to remind us that, while Spring Fever had set in, it really is still winter.

ABC 12 hit the roads Thursday evening, heading south on I-75 past Holly road into Oakland County where snow was accumulating, making for a dicey drive.

However back up north in Genesee County, it was more of a rain/snow mix.

Drivers we spoke with said road conditions during the evening commute were actually much worse further south.

"It took me an extra hour to get home and it normally takes 30 minutes," said Flint resident Delano Poole, "I drove from Auburn Hills to Flint, when I got to Flint, it was just rain."

Mid-Michigan drivers describe the drive home on Thursday evening as slow and steady.

"It was kind of bad," said Heather Fronrath who also drove into Flint from Auburn Hills, "it was like a half hour extra, slow going really a lot of snow."

This video captured Thursday evening shows snow began falling steadily along I-75 at Dort Highway and on Miller Road after a brief reprieve.

We ran into Flint resident Toni Burleigh shivering in a light weight sweater as she filled up her tank.

We asked her where her winter coat was and she laughed, replying Wednesday's warm-up led her to believe that she no longer needed to wear a heavy coat.

She wasn't the only one dressed for spring at the pump Thursday night.

Krista Lester admitted she hadn't dressed for the cold weather either:

"Every year I fall for that little warm spell we have, and than we always get another blast of the weather, nothing new for Michigan," she added.

The constant fluctuation in temperature is also hard on mid-Michigan roads where potholes continue to grow and expand.

We found a large portion pothole that had crumbled at the corner of 8th and Avon in Flint.

Someone contacted Flint police who came out and called the city to try and get a barricade erected near the large hole in the pavement.

In the meantime it's back to winter driving rules

"Slow down and be careful where you're going and watch them little pockets of slush and ice roads," said Poole,

A timely reminder as we still have 21 days of winter left.

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