Snow plow operators prepare for first accumulating snowfall

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BURTON (WJRT) - (12/8/17) - Snow removal companies around Mid-Michigan are preparing for their first real taste of plowing for the season on Friday night.

Business owners are hoping it's just the start of a busy season.

It was a rough season last winter as mild weather kept snow plows parked more than what most would have wanted. However, the end of 2017 is looking a lot more promising...

After a dismal season last year, Mid-Michigan snow removal companies are hoping the perfect mix of snow and colder temperatures will lead to a bounce back year.

"It boosts everybody's morale," said Kyle Crosson, who drives a plow for Atlas Outdoors. "You know, everyone's, we're tired from the landscape season, but we're also ready to get moving in an awesome winter season and help our clients."

Business is just getting started at salt supply companies, as more and more private contractors will arrive to fill their vehicles with salt Friday evening.

"So far this year, compared to last year, we're a little behind, just because we haven't had that first official snow event. We're looking forward to these upcoming clippers coming through and helping our customers and our contractors take care of their salt and ice melt needs," says Ray Kubani from Rock Bottom Stone Supply.

It doesn't take a big storm to positively impact business.

"We don't mind the moderate snowfall, the one to two to three inch snow events are for us, personally," Kubani said. "They're good for our business, because we do move a lot of salt."

It doesn't take much snow for plowers' customers to be affected, as well.

"There's definitely a rush to get, all the guys that are out there, all the snow-fighters understand the feeling. You get amped up, you get with your team and it's a fun experience all around, for sure," Crosson said.

Several more Alberta Clippers are scheduled to send some accumulating snow our way over the next week, hopefully making it a much more Merry Christmas for those who depend on the white stuff to make some green.

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