Snow plower says Flint Community Schools won't pay; district blames service

Published: Nov. 14, 2019 at 6:18 PM EST
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(11/14/2019) - At Wednesday's Flint Community Schools board meeting, the board members and Superintendent listened to several community members.

During public comment, they shared their concerns about how the district is handling their multi-million dollar debt.

One of the people to speak was a Flint resident and contractor with the school, Christie Rasins.

The Austin Morgan employee said she still hasn't been paid for the company's snow removal services.

She told the Board she's been trying to collect payment from the district for more than 6 months. It's about $75,000 for their work.

Rasins said she hasn't been paid a dime for removing snow from 6 of the district's locations throughout last school year -- 5 school buildings and the administration building.

She explained she's emailed multiple administrators, even keeping on top of staffing changes to make sure she's reaching out to the right people.

And Rasins said, she's never received a response.

"This is a situation that the district does not need to litigate, yet I cannot get a single administrator to address the issue," she said. "We had a contract, we have directives. I did not get paid. It needs to be addressed. If it's not addressed, we have to escalate it. So, I'm here to publicly announce it that there is a very large lawsuit coming if I can't get a single administrator to do their duty."

Superintendent Derrick Lopez released this response: "The District's dispute with Austin Morgan is rooted in the quality of service that was provided by the company and not the District deficit. The District will be reaching out to the Company in the coming days to attempt to resolve the matter."

At Wednesday's meeting, we were expecting to hear actual discussion on the future of Flint Community Schools and how they plan to stay afloat, including that proposal to close four more school buildings by next month.

A 2-hour closed session delayed those conversations, moving them instead to next Tuesday's meeting.