Above average snowfall around Flint this winter has taken its toll on snow blowers

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GRAND BLANC (WJRT) - (02/09/18) - Snow blowers have been put to good use this winter around Flint.

Snowfall this winter exceeded the 30-year seasonal average in the first week of February and passed the 60-inch mark on Friday. Forecasts show they won't get much of a break this weekend, either.

That means more and more people are using their snowblowers. But the more they use them, the more they can break down.

"I broke mine the other day," Joe Calcagno from Burton said. "I hit a curb and toasted it, so it's all about a new one now."

Jeffery Burnell of Grand Blanc Township like using his snow blower because it keeps him busy and allows him to get some exercise.

"My wife expects our driveway to be clean, so that's what I do," he said.

Ryan Burton from Grand Blanc Township said he used his snow blower four times on Friday to keep up with the snowfall.

"Just trying to keep up, because it's going to keep coming for hours," he said.

Snow blower dealers are busy trying to keep up with the demand from customers for both new machines, as well as repairing older ones.

"This is definitely extended. I mean, typically we're not selling snowblowers like in the middle of February like this," said Mark Seelbinder, manager of Grand Blanc Outdoors.

Extra use can often lead to problems with snow blowers, but there are some things owners can do to help them run smoothly.

"Everybody's using pump gas. We sell recreational fuel here, and that's what you should be using in your snowblower, because of the ethanol is so high, it attracts moisture, corrodes carburetors," Seelbinder said. "People hit a lot of things. They get the dog chain of the newspaper caught in the auger."

With more snow on the way this weekend, keeping your snowblower healthy can be the difference between spending all that extra time with the shovel.

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