Snyder, House speaker discuss job-creation incentives

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LANSING, Mich. (AP) - (07/11/17) - Gov. Rick Snyder and a legislative leader have met in an attempt to resolve differences related to tax incentives designed to boost large-scale business expansions in Michigan.

Snyder and House Speaker Tom Leonard - both Republicans - said little about their discussion Tuesday on the "Good Jobs" legislation. The meeting came a day before lawmakers may vote.

Snyder is pushing for approval of the bills, especially as Michigan vies for a U.S. plant planned by Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn. He says companies are making decisions this summer and opportunities would "likely disappear" if the GOP-led Legislature doesn't act.

Leonard is concerned Snyder agreed to scuttle labor-relations legislation in exchange for Democrats' support for the tax breaks. Leonard says he had a "very constructive conversation" with Snyder, declining to elaborate.

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