Sodexo MAGIC gives Doyle-Ryder students nutritious foods

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FLINT (WJRT) - (03/02/17) - Students at Doyle-Ryder Elementary in Flint received a healthy boost Thursday morning.

Staff from Sodexo MAGIC dropped by to provide a variety of nutritious foods for the kids to take home.

It was all part of the "Fruits and Vegetables A to Z" program.

The initiative was designed by Flint Community Schools to help increase the general well-being of students in light of the city's water crisis.

A big part of that is building resistance against lead.

"To eat a little healthier, we find it's a little easier when they're in the classroom to focus, get their school work done and have more energy, as opposed to eating the sugary snacks where you feel like, yeah, you have some energy right away, but it kind of leaves you flat afterwards,” said Eric Hindbaugh, operations manager of Sodexo MAGIC.

The Fruits and Vegetables A to Z program will eventually make its way to all nine of Flint's elementary schools.

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