Solar energy developer wants to invest $250 million in Shiawassee County project

Published: Oct. 18, 2018 at 12:56 AM EDT
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(10/17/2018) - Ranger Power, a solar energy development company out of Brooklyn, New York, wants to invest $250 million in a new solar farm in the Shiawassee County.

The company filed paperwork seeking a special use permit from the planning commission for the potentially game-changing development.

"We've got about 1,200 acres under land agreement right now," said Sergio Trevino, the director of environmental permitting for Ranger Power.

He said the company can build the solar farm without any permanent changes to the land.

"We're able to install these solar racks directly into the ground without any concrete foundations, lay some racks on top of that with the solar panels and then have some collection lines that bring all the power to a substation," Trevino said.

He expects the project, which would be built in Hazelton and Venice townships, to generate about $1 million a year in property tax revenue. He hopes to start construction sometime next year.

"We're going to have 300 construction jobs," said Justin Horvath, president of the Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership. "Property taxes paid on the development and landowners where the panels will be going will be receiving payments, so the economic boon to the Shiawassee County is going to be huge."

Before the project can go forward, the planning commission will have to make a recommendation to the Board of Commissioners, which will hold public hearings before making a decision.