Southern Michigan health agency gives away pot storage boxes

In 2012, the ER saw an average of one patient every other day with a marijuana-caused problem. By 2016, the count was two to three per day. (Source: Cannabis Tours/MGN)
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COLDWATER, Mich. (AP) (7/2/2019) - Buds not bullets.

Boxes that could be used to store ammunition instead are being given away to store marijuana in three Michigan counties.

The Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joseph Community Health Agency is using a grant to purchase more than 500 lock boxes and provide educational materials to keep marijuana away from children. The boxes will be distributed at no charge.

Health officer Rebecca Burns tells The Daily Reporter about 3,000 people in the three counties have medical marijuana cards. Marijuana also can be used by people 21 years and older after the results of the 2018 election.

Burns says billboards will be going up to warn about the dangers of marijuana use by children.

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