Special ceremony honors mid-Michigan unaccompanied veterans

HOLLY TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (09/11/19) - One mid-Michigan group is paying respects to those who fought for our freedom.

The Daughters of the American Revolution gathered at the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly Township for a special ceremony today.

The group has been around for nearly 150 years, but today was special. It's the first time they hosted a ceremony for veterans who were buried without family or friends present.

"The assembly is going to be invited to take a rose. It's marked with the serviceman's name, the period of time that he served, and his grave site. They're asked to reflect on that man, maybe say a prayer, go to his grave site, and honor him, because we don't want any of our serviceman ever forgotten," Gina LaCroix said. LaCroix is the State Regent for The Daughters of the American Revolution.

The veterans served for our nation during either World War II, The Korean War, The Cold War, or The Vietnam War.

During the 45-minute public ceremony, they're receiving full military honors, which includes the rifle salute, the playing of taps, and the folding of the American flag.

The Daughters of the American Revolution focus on education, historical preservation, and patriotism. In honor of 9-11 as well, the day is all about patriotism.

A member of the group added, "I think it's a very special tribute. It goes deep in my heart, having a patriot from the American Revolution. I know what it means to honor our veterans, and we should do that as often as we can. We need to be reminded that freedom isn't free."

Even though Wednesday was the group's first Unaccompanied Veterans Ceremony, they plan to do it every year going forward.

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