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BURTON (WJRT) - (09/01/17) - As one team sport winds down, another is just getting started this weekend.

And a big move by the Tigers, leaves fans with mixed feelings.

It was a midnight deal that many mid-Michigan residents didn't even know happened until they woke up this morning.

That left some to wonder if trading Justin Verlander, and the timing, was the right move.

No question about it.

The Detroit Tigers are in the middle of a major rebuild, after trading Justin Verlander to the Houston Astros shortly before a midnight trading deadline.

Connie Smith from Flint said, "Well, the team's not been doing so good, so maybe the changes are needed."

Ron Uptegraff from Burton added, "Probably was a long time coming. Probably should have been traded before now, just to get more out of it.
But, doesn't surprise me."

The 13 year veteran and ace of the Tigers pitching staff for more than a decade, leaves a big hole in the Tigers roster and in the hearts of many fans.

"I wish he could have stayed longer. He was a great player. Thanks for the contributions to the Tiger organization and good luck in the future," Elana Tucker from Flint commented.

Flint resident Scott Smith noted, "The way they traded, the last minute deal, I don't know if it was. I know they do it for money, but it was still didn't, I really didn't like it. It was kind of sad."

While the Tigers baseball season has all but ended, college football is just getting started.

Both Michigan and Michigan State kick off with their opening games of the year.

And football fans can't wait.

Flint Michigan State fan Joanna Vales from Flint said, "I'm happy football season is getting ready to start. My daughter, my oldest daughter graduated from there and my youngest is in her junior year."

Flint Michigan fan Johnnie Washington added, "I think they should be pretty good. They got a coach that, he always get the best out of his players."

Davison MSU fan Jodie Hendrickson commented, "Just super excited about the season starting. Looking forward to some tail-gating, watching some good Spartan football."

As seasons change, so does the sports landscape.

This year, as expectations have been dashed for one team, the hopes for a good season are just beginning for others.

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