Spring storm causes three deaths outside of Michigan

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FLINT (WJRT) - (04/15/18) - A powerful spring storm storm bringing wintry weather through the central part of the U.S. is being blamed for at least three deaths outside the state of Michigan, according to the Associated Press.

The fatalities include an Idaho truck driver who was killed on a Nebraska highway, a 2-year-old Louisiana girl whose family's mobile home was struck by a downed tree, and a Wisconsin woman who was killed when her minivan lost control and struck an oncoming SUV.

The weather has played a role in at least one deadly car crash in Michigan.

The storm is causing quite a headache at airports, too.

Hundreds of flights were cancelled in Minneapolis Sunday morning.

At least a few flights have been cancelled at Bishop International Airport early Sunday morning. That includes a 7 a.m. flight to Minneapolis and two other morning flights to Chicago.

Those cancellations are with different airlines.

There was at least one cancellation and delay reported at MBS International Airport early Sunday morning.

Please check with your air carrier for the latest flight information if you are heading to the airport.

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